“We started applying Clearwinner AMAC MP POWER PLUS to our fuel 3 years ago and now use it everytime we have a fresh delivery. We felt that some enhancement was needed to the diesel fuel supplied because our tractors and other associated vehicles were simply not performing to their optimum level. 
The engines sounded a bit “under par” which we put down to the effect of a general reduction in diesel fuel quality. Since using Clearwinner AMAC MP POWER PLUS we have seen a marked improvement in the overall performance of our equipment and the engines sound a great deal better! We would recommend that all operators of agricultural machinery seriously consider using this product.” 
Colin McGregor, McGregor Farms, Coldstream, Berwickshire, who farm over 8,000 acres. 
CLEARWINNER HYDROS LA88 - Marine fuel treatment 
Thames River Cruises and Circular Cruises Westminster, operate a number of vessels plying the River Thames. Chief Engineer Kevin Puttnam, who maintains their vessels, has also been overseeing the application of CLEARWINNER HYDROS LA88 Marine Diesel fuel treatment to their bunkering station, which is situated centrally on the River and provides HYDROS LA88 treated fuel to other Thames operators who draw fuel from this point. 
“Application of HYDROS LA88 has ensured that issues of water contamination and Diesel "bug" manifestation in the vessels and main storage tanks are averted and as a result, a trouble free operation continues." 
Kevin Puttnam, Chief Engineer - Thames River Cruises and Circular Cruises Westminster 
CLEARWINNER FLEET TREAT - Diesel fuel treatment 
Longthornes of Hebden operate a fleet of 16 eight wheeler and 13 articulated tipper trucks from their depot near Skipton, North Yorkshire, principally hauling aggregates from quarries. 
They have, for a number of years, been applying CLEARWINNER FLEET TREAT Diesel fuel treatment to their DERV, after experiencing some contamination issues in their fuel storage tanks, some time ago. 
“We initially introduced FLEET TREAT to our fuel, in order to counteract any condensation build up in the fuel storage tanks. We think water might have caused the initial “bug” growth in the tanks, which affected a number of our vehicles at the time. After regularly applying FLEET TREAT we have had no recurrence of Diesel “bug” and our tanks remain free from water. Also, our vehicles run very efficiently on FLEET TREAT and as a result, wear and tear on injectors and fuel pumps is minimal. 
I would definitely recommend FLEET TREAT as an inexpensive form of preventive maintenance, to other road haulage operators”. 
Mark Longthorne, Longthornes of Hebden 
During the course of April (2021), David Bewley (owner of leisure craft " Ava Grace ") and Julian Flanshaw (owner of Marine Survey boat "Precision 1"), both based at Hull Marina - having successfully resolved Diesel "bug" issues in the fuel on their respective boats, through application of CLEARWINNER D-BUG Diesel fuel biocide - started applying CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE to their fuel tanks. This product is ostensibly designed to stabilise and protect Marine Diesel fuels, when kept in seasonal long term storage. However, with 31A-WD applied as an engine performance enhancer, David and Julian reported the following impressive results: 
Julian noticed an immediate, positive effect, where he was, for the first time, able to reduce the engine's revs by over 10% to achieve the same speed he applies on a daily basis, on Precision 1. 
David found a similar effect, with Ava Grace achieving an unheard of 4,000 rpm at one point, instead of a previous maximum of 3,500 rpm. 
Application of 31A-WD MARINE had a clear positive effect on engine performance on both craft; by virtue of reduced demand on engine power output, fuel consumption would then have been reduced. 
Doseage levels were approximated at 500 mls. 31A-WD to treat 1,200 - 1,500 litres of fuel. 
Technical data :  
" Ava Grace " runs on two Volvo Tamd 41A engines, producing 200 hp each. They are 30 years old and have 1350 hours on them. 
" Precision 1 " runs on two x 9 year old Iveco 450 hp engines. 
Camusrory Estate's (Argyll) chief service and maintenance engineer, Rob Cooper writes: 
"Camusrory Estate is responsible for maintaining property and land on the mainland and islands of Scotland's west coast, which involves ensuring that vehicles, boats, RHIBs and generators must operate continuously and efficiently. 
Early 2016, we were experiencing serious issues with fuel quality, both petrol and Diesel. Fuel was often contaminated with water, causing breakdowns and major engine damage to our boats, vehicles and generators. 
At this time, we started purchasing CLEARWINNER additives to apply to the fuels we were using. CLEARWINNER 31A-WD for the Diesel engines (generators, vehicles) and CLEARWINNER WD for application to petrol engines, all to disperse water, prevent further engine damage and improve performance. We also applied CLEARWINNER D-BUG Diesel fuel biocide to the fuel, in order to ensure no further recurrence of Diesel "bug"in the fuel and storage tanks. 
Within two months of continuous application of CLEARWINNER's products, we recorded a noticeable reduction in breakdowns and component damage and that situation remains consistent today, as we run virtually problem-free. 
We continue to apply CLEARWINNER additives as part of our maintenance programme and have been recommending the same products to other, neighbouring estates and boat operators in the region." 
Rob Cooper, Camusrory Estate's (Argyll) 
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