A Marine fuel treatment, designed for application to all Marine Diesel fuel categories (not HFO’s). 
Treatment rate: 1 litre CLEARWINNER LA88 to 4,000 litres of Marine Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER HYDROS LA88 offers the following benefits: 
• Adds “lubricity” to the fuel, protecting components, fuel pumps and injectors from excessive wear that can be caused by burning low sulphur content Diesel fuels (ULSD). 
• Disperses water from fuel storage tanks 
• Protects components from potential damage caused by water droplets carried within the fuel 
• Maintains clean injectors, ensuring optimum fuel atomisation 
• Reduces smoking and fuel consumption 
• Counteracts potential Diesel “bug” growth 
Diesel and petrol fuel stabiliser and performance enhancer. 
Treatment rate recommended at: 1 litre CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE to treat 500 litres of Diesel or petrol fuel. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE will stabilise petrol and Diesel fuels, whilst kept in long term storage: for example, where a boat may be moored over winter months. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE will slow fuel degradation and separation, assuring the operator of optimum fuel performance at all times. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE is compatible with all the other Marine products listed in this section. 
A Diesel fuel biocide, designed to eradicate manifestation of microbial growth (Diesel “bug”) in fuel and fuel storage tanks 
Treat rate: 1 litre D-BUG to 4,000 litres Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER D-BUG offers the following benefits: 
• Eliminates Diesel “Bug” manifestation within 24-48 hours of treatment 
• Removes yeasts and moulds from storage tank walls 
• May be applied to main storage tanks or directly into machinery / vehicle fuel tanks 
• May also be used as a preventative maintenance product 
CLEARWINNER D-BUG should be dosed prior to the next fuel refill, to ensure a complete mix. 
CLEARWINNER CFI (Cold Flow Improver) 
CLEARWINNER CFI is formulated to maintain Diesel fuel cold flow properties in sub-zero temperatures. 
Treatment rate: 1 litre CFI to 1,000 litres Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER CFI offers the following benefits: 
• Protects CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) of winter grade Diesel fuel to -24 degrees Centigrade 
• Allows machinery / vehicles to operate in severe winter conditions 
• CFI will protect fuel at temperatures down to -30 degrees Centigrade, by applying a stronger dose (1 : 500) 
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