Marine Diesel fuel stabiliser and performance enhancer. 
Treatment rate recommended at: 500ml CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE to treat 500 litres of Marine Diesel fuel. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE will stabilise Marine Diesel fuels, whilst kept in long term storage: for example, where a boat may be moored over winter months. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE will slow fuel degradation and separation, assuring the operator of optimum fuel performance at all times. 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE is compatible with all the other Marine products listed in this section. 
Read customer feedback about the impressive results - click here. 
The 500 ml of CLEARWINNER 31A-WD MARINE is £33.00, including postage and packaging. 
If you'd like to purchase this product, then please get in touch via our contact form and we'll get right back to you. 
A highly effective Marine Diesel fuel preservative , formulated to maintain contamination free fuel and fuel storage tanks. 
Suitable for application to all Diesel fuel types , including those with FAME (biofuel) content. 
Dosage : 1 litre of PURIFY to treat 4,000 litres of Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER PURIFY is compatible with other Marine products in this section. 
Cost of 500 mls. CLEARWINNER PURIFY (treats 2,000 litres of fuel) is £35.00, including p & p. 
Specifically formulated to effectively treat 350 litres - 500 litres of Marine Diesel fuel. Cost £18.50 per 250 mls., including p & p. 
If you'd like to purchase this product, please get in touch via our contact form and we'll get right back to you. 
A Marine fuel treatment, designed for application to all Marine Diesel fuel categories (not HFO’s). 
Treatment rate: 1 litre CLEARWINNER LA88 to 4,000 litres of Marine Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER HYDROS LA88 offers the following benefits: 
• Adds “lubricity” to the fuel, protecting components, fuel pumps and injectors from excessive wear that can be caused by burning low sulphur content Diesel fuels (ULSD). 
• Disperses water from fuel storage tanks 
• Protects components from potential damage caused by water droplets carried within the fuel 
• Maintains clean injectors, ensuring optimum fuel atomisation 
• Reduces smoking and fuel consumption 
• Counteracts potential Diesel “bug” growth 
CLEARWINNER CFI (Cold Flow Improver) 
CLEARWINNER CFI is formulated to maintain Diesel fuel cold flow properties in sub-zero temperatures. 
Treatment rate: 1 litre CFI to 1,000 litres Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER CFI offers the following benefits: 
• Protects CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) of winter grade Diesel fuel to -24 degrees Centigrade 
• Allows machinery / vehicles to operate in severe winter conditions 
• CFI will protect fuel at temperatures down to -30 degrees Centigrade, by applying a stronger dose (1 : 500) 

£30.00 + VAT per case of 12 , plus post + packaging 

NUT JOBB - multipurpose lubricating spray 
* 450 mls. volume 
* Repels moisture , water dispersant 
* Lubricates , acts as an easing fluid 
* Penetrating oil 
* Protects components from rust 
If you'd like to purchase this product, then please get in touch via our contact form and we'll get right back to you. 
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