Fuel Storage 

CLEARWINNER 31A-WD GENSET is formulated to maintain Diesel fuel quality and useability. 
Treatment rate: variable, according to fuel’s condition: from 1 litre 31A-WD to 500 litres of fuel, or up to 1,000 litres of fuel 
Principle application: to prolong fuel’s shelf life when stored long term to support standby generators: 
CLEARWINNER 31A-WD GENSET offers the following benefits: 
• Stabilises fuel , prevents deterioration , separation and oxidisation 
• Acts as a highly effective , non abrasive , injector and fuel systems cleanser , assuring the operator of optimum fuel atomisation and a complete fuel "burn" 
• Reduces "smoking" and emissions 
• Acts as a water dispersant , protecting injectors from wear and damage caused by water droplets carried with the fuel 
• Suitable for application to BioDiesel fuel containing up to 50% FAME content. 
• Effective period of protection - 12 - 18 months 
A highly effective Diesel fuel preservative , formulated to maintain contamination free Diesel fuel and Diesel fuel storage tanks. 
Treat rate: 1 litre of PURIFY to 4,000 litres Diesel fuel 
Suitable for application to all Diesel fuel types , including those with FAME (biofuel) content. 
CLEARWINNER CFI (Cold Flow Improver) 
CLEARWINNER CFI is formulated to maintain Diesel fuel cold flow properties in sub-zero temperatures. 
Treatment rate: 1 litre CFI to 1,000 litres Diesel fuel 
CLEARWINNER CFI offers the following benefits: 
• Protects CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) of winter grade Diesel fuel to -24 degrees Centigrade 
• Allows machinery / vehicles to operate in severe winter conditions 
• CFI will protect fuel at temperatures down to -30 degrees Centigrade, by applying a stronger dose (1 : 500) 

£30.00 + VAT per case of 12 , plus post + packaging 

NUT JOBB - multipurpose lubricating spray 
* 450 mls. volume 
* Repels moisture , water dispersant 
* Lubricates , acts as an easing fluid 
* Penetrating oil 
* Protects components from rust 
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