Fuel oil distributors remain vague as to Diesel fuel / Gas Oil's FAME content , as they are not generally informed about this , on a day to day basis , by the refineries , but presently there is a legal obligation to include a FAME content of 7.25% present in all Diesel fuels , increasing to a 12% FAME content , within the next ten years. 
The origin of FAME , whether derived from Palm Oil , Sunflower Oil , Tallow , Jatropha etc., variously affects the fuel's CFPP (measurement of the cold flow properties of Diesel fuel) in Winter months. FAME derived from tallow has a greater susceptibility to waxing at zero degrees C. , than FAME derived from Palm Oil , for example. The colder weather can further exacerbate the fuel's ability to keep FAME in suspension , resulting in a gradual separation of FAME from the main body of fuel. Please refer to CLEARWINNER AMAC POWER PLUS , with regards to the product's Diesel fuel/ FAME stabilising characteristics. 
As temperatures dip in coming Winter months , wind chill factor can be more searching on exposed storage tanks than the ambient temperature itself - and attention needs to be paid about the mixing of Summer grade Diesel fuel and Winter grades. This mix will dilute the cold flow properties of the additised Winter grade . Application of CLEARWINNER CFI (Cold Flow Improver) to the fuel will add a further (minus) 8 deg. C to (minus) 10 deg. C to the average CFPP of the seasonal fuels mixture , giving real protection against waxing/gelling , during the depths of Winter. 
The stabilising characteristics that CLEARWINNER AMAC POWER PLUS agri-fuel treatment possesses , assists the support and stabilisation of Diesel fuel in fuel storage tanks , particularly useful for seasonal machinery , such as combines etc. CLEARWINNER AMAC POWER will stabilise Diesel fuel held in long term storage , with a FAME content of up to 30%. 
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