Over the past decade , CLEARWINNER AMAC MP Gas Oil treatment has been sold and promoted into the farming industry , principally through fuel oil distribution networks and agricultural machinery dealerships. AMAC MP has proven to be an important addition to a farming business's machinery maintenance programme - AMAC MP's multifunctional characteristics , which incorporate fuel system and injector cleansing , Diesel fuel stabilisation and enhancing the fuel's "lubricity" , are all key attributes designed to help to get the best out of today's low sulphur Diesel fuel. 
As from February 2019 , however , there has been a revamping of AMAC MP's original formulation , with the emphasis now being placed on greatly improving engine power output (and therefore fuel economy) , but still retaining the characteristics mentioned above. The rebranded product is called CLEARWINNER AMAC MP POWER PLUS
Dosing Gas Oil with POWER PLUS , will increase the Cetane Index number of the fuel , Cetane Index being the measurement of Diesel fuel's potential power output . Today's Gas Oil may well fall a couple of crucial points short of the desired Index number (recommended around 50) and the fuel distributors can only sell what they are given. The addition of FAME (biofuel) to Gas Oil may contribute to the shortfall , also , the fuel may leave the refinery slightly below spec., from time to time. POWER PLUS can redress the "balance of power" , at minimal cost. 
POWER PLUS treatment rate remains as before :  
1 litre POWER PLUS to treat 1,500 litres of fuel. 
Available in 1 litre , 5 litre , 20 litre and 200 litre containers. 
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