CLEARWINNER PUREBURN home heating oil additive has been promoted and sold through a number of fuel distribution operators in various parts of the UK for a number of years and proven to be an accepted and successful antidote to resolving and preventing the technical difficulties frequently experienced by householders, who possess oil fired range cookers or conventional oil burning heating oil systems. 
Typically, problems encountered are injector fouling, soot build up (wick systems), system cut out, smoking and overall poor system operation. PUREBURN’s cleansing action ensures clean injectors and fuel systems, creating greater fuel efficiency and improved heat output. 
Danfoss, manufacturers of pumps used to support oil fired heating systems, are also reporting an increase in wear and damage to their pump’s components, caused by a lack of “lubricity” in today’s kerosene . The purpose of improving PUREBURN’s lubricity characteristics, is to counter this particular problem, by reducing wear and prolonging component life through application of PUREBURN + lubricity to the fuel. Hence the recent upgrade in the product’s formulation and slight adjustment to the product’s description. 
Ongoing changes to kerosene’s specification, are made for mainly for environmental reasons. Fluctuations in the quality and spec. of kerosene, ex refinery, can adversely affect the workings of home heating systems. 
CLEARWINNER PUREBURN + lubricity is designed to alleviate the various issues described and bring peace of mind to the householder. 
PUREBURN + lubricity recommended dosage rate: 500 mls. treats 1,000 litres of fuel. 
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