Fuel oil distributors remain vague as to Diesel fuel / Gas Oil's FAME content , as they are not generally informed about this , on a day to day basis , by the refineries , but presently there is a legal obligation to include a FAME content of 7.25% present in all Diesel fuels , increasing to a 12% FAME content , within the next ten years. 
Over the past decade , CLEARWINNER AMAC MP Gas Oil treatment has been sold and promoted into the farming industry , principally through fuel oil distribution networks and agricultural machinery dealerships. AMAC MP has proven to be an important addition to a farming business's machinery maintenance programme - AMAC MP's multifunctional characteristics , which incorporate fuel system and injector cleansing , Diesel fuel stabilisation and enhancing the fuel's "lubricity" , are all key attributes designed to help to get the best out of today's low sulphur Diesel fuel. 
CLEARWINNER PUREBURN home heating oil additive has been promoted and sold through a number of fuel distribution operators in various parts of the UK for a number of years and proven to be an accepted and successful antidote to resolving and preventing the technical difficulties frequently experienced by householders, who possess oil fired range cookers or conventional oil burning heating oil systems. 
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